Public Declaration – Getting Certified

Recently, BripBlap challenged a group of us on a new meme – making a public declaration of something you’ve kept private that you are now willing to share with the world.

I like this challenge. It’s something to keep me accountable and honest.

I’ve been telling myself for years that I was going to get a particular certification. This is no ordinary certification, but one of the most difficult to get in my field. It’s not just a written test; it’s also a one day intensive practical evaluation of how well you know the topic. The pass rate for the one day lab has, for first time test takers, something like a 15% pass rate (or so I’m told, and it seems to jive with the folks I know who don’t pass til their second or third time through). That means 85% of people fail their first time taking the test. I really don’t want to be part of that 85% if I can help it.

My goal is to take the written portion of the test in December. The written doesn’t have the same intensity as the lab test, but it will still take some study. I won’t let moving interfere with that.

I plan on taking the one day lab component of my certification by the end of April of next year.

I will do my best to pass the test the first time through, but I won’t get discouraged if I don’t pass it the first time. I hate to fail. I’m sure you do too. But this test is designed to fail people. You almost have to get a chance to do the lab practical before you fully understand what you need in order to get through it. I will pass it the second time I take it if I do not pass it the first.

I need this certification to move up in my career. I only have one more level before this certification is required. To get it now would almost surely bump me up to the next level, and I would have most of the credentials I need for another bump. This would represent an increase in pay for us, and the possibility to save more money, or “loosen the belt” in some areas we have tightened in order to afford the new house.

Well, there it is. Wish me luck!

I Want You To Make It From Scratch!

You can do it!I’ll be hosting the 37th edition of the “Make It From Scratch” Blog Carnival next week! 

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful ways people stretch their dollars by making things from scratch.

Making things on our own isn’t just about saving money; it’s also about being creative and resourceful in our everyday lives.  There is something uniquely satisfying and impowering in creating something yourself.  I’m looking to put together a great edition that will hopefully inspire you to create or try something new in your life.

Now, I KNOW you all are creative when it comes to saving money!  Do you have any recipes, crafts, sewing, household remedies, or other frugal “do-it-yourself” projects that you would like to share?  Blog about it, submit it, and be included in the carnival!

If you would like to participate, please send in your submission using the form here.  The deadline to be included in next Tuesday’s edition is Sunday, October 28th at midnight EST.  Archived posts are fine, but please only one post per blog per week.

Be sure to check back here Tuesday, October 30th, when MIFS #37 goes live!

Thanks everyone!