The Carnival Review #7

Posted on October 18, 2007 by Melissa 
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Wheeee!It’s that time again, folks.  Carnival time!  Lots of good reads this round.  Check them out when you have a chance.

Carnival of Personal Finance #122 was hosted by Mighty Bargain Hunter.  It’s an interesting read with a “Dr. Zeuss” theme this week.  I can’t imagine how long it took him to do that, especially with so many submissions.  Eric’s post on contemplating our emergency fund was included.

Festival of Frugality #96 was held at FIRE Finance.  I love the Festival of Frugality – it’s one of my favorite carnivals.  My post about the kitchen knives you really need made the cut.

Carnival of Money Stories was hosted by Free Money Finance.  Eric’s post on finding missing money was included.

Carnival of Debt Reduction #109 was held at DebtFREE-Revolution.  Eric’s post on how he plans to keep out of debt when he buys speakers made this edition.

Make It From Scratch #35 was hosted my Nini Makes.  This autumn themed edition was put together very nicely.  I’m glad my tightwad post on the 6 cheap salad dressings was included even though it wasn’t exactly “fall themed”.

Carnival of Recipes was held at Leader Ladies.  This was the “cereal killers” edition.  My budget breakfast sandwich was included.

My favorite articles from these carnivals:

11 Things Dwight K. Schrute Has Taught Me About Food and Frugality @ Cheap Healthy Good – When I read this post I laughed out loud.  I haven’t seen much of The Office but this is just plain funny. 

10 Ways Living Simply Can Save You Money @ My Two Dollars – This is a good quick list of ways to save money.  My favorite is “be satisfied with the gadgets you have”.  Eric has been working on learning that one.

How to Handle Social Obligation Expenses @ Saving Advice – I dealt with this problem recently.  I got invited to go to a costume party for Halloween but it says “costume required”.  I know they are pretty picky about that and a makeshift costume won’t cut it.  I ended up having to turn down the invitation because I just can’t afford a costume this month.  I’ll make sure to go to the next party she throws though.

Do We Spend More When We Swipe Plastic? @ Poorer Than You – Interesting article that explores the issue of people having the tendency to spend more with credit cards.  I’d say we have more of a problem with cash than credit.  Since we use credit to pay for most things our cash is used more for fun or small purchases.  That cash can be hard to keep in our wallets sometimes. 

Apple Pie Sandwiches @ And Miles To Go Before We Sleep… – These look very yummy and inexpensive.  These sandwiches remind me of cinnamon apple stuffed french toast.  I love how she photographs her cooking throughout the process.

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