Review: Festival of Frugality #90

Posted on September 5, 2007 by Melissa 
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At least I used a coupon…The 90th Festival of Frugality is up at Bean Sprouts. I was happy to see that my submission on getting good grocery deals made into this edition. Make sure to check it out!

My favorite submissions for this round:

10 Ways to Thrive in Clutter: What To Do When You’re Ready To Stop Wasting Time and Money on the Battle Against Clutter @ Saving Advice – I’m not an especially neat person but I’d still say I’m organized. I can never seem to win the battle against the flow of stuff that accumulates though. I guess I need to embrace my “clutter bug” nature and work with it instead of constantly fighting it.

McMansions and the Carbon Tax @ Queercents – 3000 sq. ft. is a McMansion? Outside of “the coasts”, I would think this is a big home but certainly no “mansion”. If the government wants to try and combat carbon emissions, perhaps we should go after older homes. Older homes are frequently less energy efficient, and an older 1000 sq. ft. home could very well use more energy than a new, 4000 sq. ft. home that has been built with energy efficiency in mind. Is the government’s point really to cut carbon emissions, or to punish those who buy big homes? Great post from Queercents, bad idea from the government.

Ebay for the Cheap and Nervous @ Graceful Retirement – I’ll admit it, I’ve gotten screwed on eBay (I’ll have to write about that sometime). Now I’m a little afraid to trust eBay even though my friends haven’t had any issues. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one still nervous.



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