The Roundup – A New Month, A New Budget Edition

Posted on September 1, 2007 by Melissa 
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Tomatoes - cheap and tasty!I decided to do a grocery stretch week last week with the goal of preparing meals using only what I already had at home.  It allowed us to skip a grocery trip and stay on track despite having a few unexpected expenses that could have put us over budget in August. 

We ate pretty well and used up a lot of leftover items from the previous shopping week (e.g. tortillas, onions, cheese, etc).  It sure helps to keep a stocked pantry and freezer.  Even though it is fun to see what we can make using leftovers and pantry staples it was nice to go to the store this morning and get more fresh food..

How to Drive a Great End-of-Summer New Car Deal @ Get Rich Slowly – If you are considering buying a new car, check out this post by J.D.  This weekend might be the time.

Is an Entertainment Coupon Book Worth It @ The Simple Dollar – In my former non-frugal life I remember buying two of these books to help out a charity I work with only to let them sit in a drawer completely unused.  2 copies that we never even used.  This year we decided, because we have made a commitment to being frugal, that it would be a good deal to get one of this year’s for half-price but they were already sold out by the time we called.  Maybe next year we will finally be able to get one and make it worthwhile.

Marriage and Money: Allowances For Adults? @ My Money Blog – Eric and I have monthly “allowances”.  We deposit $25 in our separate “Funny Money” high interest savings accounts.  We have this, not so much because we disapprove of each other’s spending, but to encourage us to buy something purely indulgent every so often.  Neither one of us wants to feel guilty by taking money from an already tight budget to buy something that only benefits one of us.  Sometimes we end up sacrificing too much for the sake of the greater good and we don’t want to run into deprivation burn-out.  Eric is currently saving up for new speakers and I’m saving my money for new bake ware.  So far it has worked well!



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